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Welcome to CompareGames

Firstly I would like to personally thank you for visiting our site. My name is Michael Sutanto and I am from Melbourne, I am one of the founding fathers of CompareGames; a group of friends and myself have created this site as a free service. It is mainly for gamers out there who are looking to find the cheapest game prices both online and offline. We do not want to be just another generic price comparison website, our focus is finding the most comprehensive list of all the best game retailers in the world and comparing their prices against one another. Our purpose is for you to get the best deal available out there and use the savings on something else.

The game prices are updated daily to give you the most up to date pricing, the exchange rates from GBP to AUD and USD to AUD are also updated daily so you can be assured that the prices are accurate for retailers that deal in GBP or USD. We have also included a special category for you game collectors out there who requires special editions of the games they like. We have also included region information on the individual game pages, this will help you decide which version of the game is suitable for you.

We have built robots and a robust game matching engine to allow us to achieve our goal in giving you the best possible experience and information on where to find the cheapest game prices. The robots run daily at 5am in the morning, they run for approximately three hours (will be longer once we add to our list of merchants). Just as a side note if you need a robot built or need advice in building one, don't hesitate to contact us by emailing us at

In order for us to help you even more we are going to need your help, we need you to tell us of any other merchants that aren't already on our site that has competitive price offerings. Also we are open to ideas and any additional services you would like to see. Simply put your suggestions by sending us an email and we will try our best to make your experience better.