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How to list your products

We have many retailers who have already signed up to list their prices on our site, our conversion rate for some retailers have been as high as 8%. This is a lot higher than other means of advertising, meaning that most of the users who come to our site has a high intention of buying your product. The traffic to our site has continuously increased since the website was launched in July 2013 - we have 1000 visitors a day and these numbers are still climbing very rapidly.

If you would like to list your products on our site, simply let us know by emailing . There is now an initial charge of $499.95 for listing on our site, we also need an affiliate program to join. This fee ensures that the retailers we list on our website are serious, there have been too many retailers that are listed only for several weeks/months before they go bankrupt.

Pricing Data

We also have data on all the retailers listed on our site, if you are interested in achieving more competitive pricing for your site, please do not hesitate to let us know. We can supply you a feed with all the information that you need to remain competitive in the market; this includes (and not limited to) the following information:

  • Cheapest Available Price
  • URL to Cheapest Available Price
  • Popularity of the product
  • Prices of the same product from all the retailers who sells it
  • Price history for each of the retailers

We can automate the feed that you nominate to receive either through FTP or email on a regular basis. We will charge a fee to setup your feed, prices are as follows:

  • Once-Off - $9.95
  • Weekly feed - $39.95 per month
  • Daily feed - $119.95 per month

Here are some sample feeds that we have created in the past

Advertising On Our Site

We are open to advertising on our page, we have three available banner sizes.

  • Top Banner - appears on every page at the top - preferred size is 728 by 90 - $49.95 per month
  • Bottom Left Banner - appears on every page at the bottom left corner - preferred size is 120 by 600 - $49.95 per month

We are also open to other forms of advertising, please email us at to discuss.